what is instagram shopping with iphone showing instagram
Beat the jargon- What is Instagram Shopping?

If you are an Instagram fan then you may have noticed that the platform rolled out SO many new features in 2020 including Instagram reels, guides, and also a huge focus on shopping. Instagram shopping is just another huge reason…

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what are instagram guides
Beat the Jargon- What are Instagram Guides?

What are Instagram guides? Have you heard of a recent addition to the Instagram features called Instagram guides? Instagram guides allow you to collate content into bite-sized ‘guides’ which you can share with others. Instagram describes guides as “a way…

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what is the clubhouse app
Beat the jargon- What is the Clubhouse App?

You may have heard mention of a new social media channel called Clubhouse App. And yes, you may well be rolling your eyes thinking- oh great another social media tool I need to be learning about. But don’t panic, I…

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